Freshers’ Jargon Buster

If you quickly want to learn words and phrases uni students here at Cov Uni use, then take a look at this really useful jargon buster that’ll help you familiarise yourself with our way of talking. Don’t worry – you’ll be part of the Cov family in no time!



A range of modules that help students develop their work related skills and employability competencies.

Alumni – a community of graduates and former students of a particular school, college or university.



Coventry’s local word for a bread roll/cob (depending on where you’re from).


Term of endearment. Used as an alternative to ‘my love’ or ‘dear’. E.g. “Alright Bab?!”.



The best way to shorten the city’s name and save yourself some time and syllables.


Stands for Centre for Academic Writing. Based in the library, the team help students improve their writing skills with workshops, tutorials and tailored modules.

Coventry Cathedral

Two buildings which lie in the heart of the city. They are the remains of a medieval parish church – after being destroyed in an enemy attack in the Second World War, rather than sweeping away the ruins, the Cathedral community preserved the remains as a reminder of the folly and waste of war. The cathedral is now seen as a place of peace and reconciliation.

CUOnline Moodle

The university platform for e-learning and digital resources allowing you to access information such as lecture notes, video clips, blog, links to websites, handouts and assignments.


Coventry University Students’ Union. An organisation run by students for students and part of the NUS. CUSU activities include an advice centre, course representation, cultural, academic and religious societies and sports clubs.



The word that strikes fear into final year students across campus (a long essay)!

Down Town

Going for a night out or visiting the city centre.

Domino’s Pizza

Delicious food! You’ll see them a lot throughout Fresher’s and their never short of a discount or two.


Ellen Terry – (1847 – 1928)

A leading Shakespearean actress, born in Coventry. We named one of our Arts and Humanities buildings after her.


Our Engineering and Computing Building is home to a harrier jet, a Mercedes Wind Tunnel, a flight simulator and all sorts of other amazing state-of-the-art tech for our engineering students. It’s situated next to the library, opposite the student centre.



A university management unit for organising teaching, research, enterprise and engagement with external stakeholders. Coventry University is organised into four Faculties, each representing a coherent set of courses and academic disciplines. Each Faculty is led by an Executive Dean.


Faculty of Arts and Humanities


Faculty of Business and Law


Faculty of Engineering, Environment and Computing


Faculty of Health and Life Sciences

FarGo Village

One of Coventry’s hidden gems! Located just off Far Gosford Street is an amazing creative quarter. Filled with shops and great food, it’s definitely worth a visit. Be sure to keep an eye on their website for events that take place throughout the year.


George Eliot – (1819 – 1880)

An English novelist, poet, journalist and translator, born in Nuneaton. One of the leading writers of the Victorian era. We named one of our buildings after her, which is situated near TheHub.

Graham Sutherland – (1903 – 1980)

He famously designed a tapestry for the Coventry Cathedral after it’s rebuild, as well as being known for his work in glass, fabrics, prints and portraits. We named one of our Arts and Humanities buildings after him that is situated next to TheHub and opposite the Phoenix.


Herbert Art Gallery & Museum

Situated near the Cathedral, TheHub and Alan Berry, the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum is home to a wide number of exhibitions, galleries, a creative arts facility and records archive.


James Starley – (1830 – 1871)

An English inventor and ‘father’ to the bicycle industry, he invented the differential gear and perfected the chain drive. We named one of our buildings after him, which is situated next to TheHub and George Eliot.

John Laing – (1879 – 1978)

A British Entrepreneur in the construction industry. The Laing family construction firm became a national enterprise that culminated in the rebuilding of the Coventry Cathedral. We named one of our buildings after him, which is located at the back of the Ellen Terry building.


Lady Godiva

The famous historic story of Lady Godiva is well known and widely talked about. Including in the hit by Queen, ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’.



Coventry University’s Virtual Learning Environment. It’s also dedicated to making sure you’re up to date with what’s going on in and around the University.


Noodle Bar

One of our students’ favourite Chinese restaurants.


The national organisation of students’ unions for the UK and Ireland, representing the interests of more than seven million students. The NUS Extra Card can be purchased in the SU and provides a range of local and national discounts.


The Phoenix

The main student bar in the middle of campus, it’s been a pub since 1720 and has undergone a few revamps since then. It’s latest was in 2011 when it officially became The Phoenix.


Ricoh Arena

A huge 32,000 capacity stadium situation just outside of the city. Home to Coventry City Football Club and Wasps Rugby Club. It also manages to put on huge gigs for some of the biggest artists throughout the world.

Richard Crossman – (1907 – 1974)

A British Labour Party Member of Parliament, who we have named one of our Health & Life Sciences buildings after.



Opening its doors officially in October 2017, the SHB is our brand new Health & Life Science’s building. It’s home to not one, but two purpose built houses for our nursing students to study in real life environments. As well as these, they have a fully equipt ambulance and several nursing wards. Our sports students can make full use of our Strength and Conditioning suite with a 60m running track and state of the art technology throughout.

Square One

Our cinema in TheHub, where you can catch the latest flicks throughout the year.


Provides maths and statistics support for Coventry University students and is located on the ground floor of the library.



Our beloved mascot, Tusky the Elephant! You’ll see him regularly around campus and at huge sporting events, especially Varisty.


Probably the main building you’ll need! Home to the Coventry University Student’s Union, an amazing food court, a cinema, Fresher’s and Careers fairs and a newly revamped Costa!



When two huge worlds collide in the name of sporting events. Warwick and Coventry go ahead to head every year for the Varsity title.


William Morris – (1877 – 1963)

An English motor manufacturer and philanthropist. He was the Founder of Morris Motor Limited and is also remembered as the Founder of Nuffield Foundation, Nuffield College (Oxford) and the Nuffield Trust.

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