Finding part-time work during your studies

Trying to find a part time job whilst being a student can be stressful, and who needs that that extra stress? Our helpful Careers team can get rid of this stress for you! You wouldn’t believe how many flexible part time work opportunities they have!


How working part time can benefit you

You’re probably wondering, do I really need to get a job whilst I’m studying? Will I be able to balance study and work? We promise it will help you, below are just a few ways it will help you:

  • It will look great on your CV
  • You’ll get to earn your own money! (Woohoo)
  • It’s flexible, meaning it won’t affect your studies
  • You’ll gain valuable skills which you can use in your future career
  • You’ll get to meet a whole new bunch of people

Where can I find out about part-time work?

Shop-workerSo you’ve heard about the benefit of part time work whilst studying, but now you might be wondering where to find these opportunities. Look no further!

Visit our Cov Uni Careers blog otherwise known as the part time jobs bulletin. Here you’ll find the latest part time opportunities, plus plenty of useful careers advice such as CV and cover letter tips.

Alternatively, if your more into social media then don’t worry, our Careers team are also on Twitter and Facebook so be sure to give them a follow! With social posts every day, you’ll definitely be able to keep up to date with the latest opportunities.

As well as our fantastic part time jobs bulletin, we are also lucky enough to have our very own onsite recruitment agency for students – the futureworks.  Based at theHub, Futureworks are there to help you find part time job opportunities, so go and have a chat with them!

From retail, customer service, delivery driver roles to much more you’ll find something for you! I mean after all, who doesn’t like to earn their own money?!