Zhang Xiai shares her journey of studying at Coventry University

Zhang Xiai from China is studying an MBA Business Administration course at Coventry University, and is keen to share her story with you.

I have been in the UK for about half a year. Previously, I studied in the US and travelled to other European countries including the UK. Because of my diverse educational background and experience, I got used to the UK quite fast. So far, I am enjoying my life in the UK.

Top 3 reasons I love studying at Coventry University

  1. Firstly, it is the best place to live and enjoy life. The UK is a small country with beautiful scenery and fresh air. You can see castles, churches, forests and lots more!
  2. Secondly, the UK has a rich heritage. In the UK, most of the museums and galleries are free and open for students. So, I have learned about the history of the country, such as: the history related to mediaeval, Tudor, revival reformation and the two world wars.
  3. Lastly, I appreciate the high standard and diversity in education. In our MBA class, we have classmates who are from almost 20 countries, such as: the UK, the US, China, Canada, India and so on. Studying at Coventry University, is a great opportunity to expand my knowledge, meet new people, and experience a new culture to enrich my life.

Why an MBA in Business Administration is a good choice for me

I am enjoying my MBA course since all my classmates have lots of experiences in their sectors and we learn from each other. I have not spoken English for a few years, studying the course greatly helps me to pick up my English skills. Also, MBA courses are very comprehensive, by taking this course, I have developed my overall understanding of the global market knowledge as well as enhanced my management skills.

A master’s degree is very important in China especially in the managerial sector. I am running my own business, so I need to cultivate a deeper perspective in my career as well as gain better managerial capability to operate the business well.

The highlight for me is receiving plenty of support and a chance to experience a great student lifestyle

Whatever your interests are, there is a huge range of clubs and societies you can join and a diverse social life on offer.

Coventry University offers scholarships

I did not realise I could apply for a scholarship, one of my classmates received a £2000 scholarship from Coventry University which is really nice. 

The Coventry University Admissions Team is very efficient compared to other schools

Before I came to the UK, they called me a few times to ask if there is anything they could help with.

During the course, both lecturers and the other teaching team have been very helpful. The library has the academic team especially focused on assisting students with academic essays. All the school faculties are willing to help us to grow – to succeed in our course.

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