Delza engineers a skills-based website


Delza Brown grew up in a heavy motorsport environment and was extremely interested in learning about how cars worked. In fact, he liked solving problems and used to spend his summers learning about hydrogen as a combustion fuel and getting to grips with 3D CAD modelling software so that he could design a hydrogen fuelled rotary engine.

It was inevitable that his quest for knowledge led him to study motorsport engineering at Coventry University.

Now in his second year, Delza said that the reason he chose Coventry was simple:

“Coventry University is known for being one of the best universities worldwide for engineering. It also played an important role in the British car history and an integral part of the development of motor car and home to many car manufacturers.

However, in terms of the actual course, it was the innovation that impressed Delza:

  • The thing that I like the most about my course is that it doesn’t seem to be afraid of the future. When students outside of Coventry tell me about their engineering course, they tend to sound like they’re still stuck in the 90’s!
  • Coventry University, at least from the engineering department, seems to feel comfortable implementing modules that use computer software or gives you time in the workshop.
  • This has been addressed with our time in the workshop by the technicians here at Coventry University. Having access to the facilities allows us to develop our skills as an engineer in a very practical manner, paired with what we are also taught in the theoretical side of engineering.
  • I like my course because it feels intentionally designed with the future in mind, where our skills and our view on technology is less likely to be seen as outdated or naïve. The course develops us to understand the theoretical methodology, while at the same time, helping us to understand the current state of technology and the best practices to use it.

Even though his passion lay in motorsport engineering, from a young age, Delza was always coming up with ideas for apps and tried developing some with mixed success.

This got him thinking:

  • Coventry University has thousands of talented students, all with different skills and abilities which are not being used as creatively as they should, so I came up with an idea for a website called ‘FreelancedUni’ – an online university directory that allows you to search your university campus for skills that you need.
  • This was something I really could have done with when I was struggling to create an app and also my website.
  • University by design is meant to be where the top creative minds from all subject disciplines come together in one location to sharpen their skills; all with the intention of finding more opportunities.
  • From the 100’s of students I have talked to it was clear that they had a skill they wanted to use now (photographer, video editor, actors, make-up artists) or needed to find skills to help with university or personal projects (proof reader, photographer, fitness helper, promoter).

When Delza started this project, he had no coding experience. It would have been ideal if he could have partnered up with a student who shared his vision who had sufficient coding knowledge.

However, because FreelancedUni didn’t exist at the time, he had to learn how to use website builders and learn basic coding to make changes.  However, like everything, in order for the website to succeed and to grow, it needs content and Delza is looking for students to get in touch with him to tell him what kind of skills they are looking for, and also to let him know what skills they have so the people who need their skills can easily connect to them.

If you would like to be included in the skills database, then please get in touch with Delza through ‘FreelancedUni’

He concluded:

“This is just so typical of University. I come to study for something specific to my interests because of the excellent reputation that Coventry has, and while I’m here, I discover skills I never knew existed. FreelancedUni will be the platform where students have an outlet to use those skills to build self-esteem and experience. It gives them the opportunity to be recognised and found useful in the community they are a part of. I have always enjoyed solving problems and so building the website is an extension of that. My dream would be to graduate with a good degree and hopefully come away with an established business as well!”