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Kelly Subhan is currently in year two of Coventry University’s Adult Nursing course. As today is International Nurses Day, we’ve interviewed Kelly about what this means to her.

“Coventry University would like to celebrate with the nursing profession, and to say thank you to our current students and global alumni, for the inspiring, hard work and dedication they show on a daily basis.”

Why did you choose the Adult Nursing course?

Nursing has been a passion of mine since I was very little. I dreamt about helping those in need all over the world. Coventry University was my first choice. After reading the course details, I attended an open day and discussed my options with lecturers and current students. It soon became clear to me that Coventry would be the perfect place to pursue my passion and begin my learning.

Has anything surprised you about the course so far?

My course is a mixture of theory and practical placements. We have blocks of uni time, then blocks of placements, which is where I currently am. The course is also more demanding than I originally thought. I started the course with an open mind. The only way to help and make a change is to do this. Immerse yourself in the different aspects of nursing and the way people work.

Have you completed any field trips or placements?

I’m currently on placement at the University Hospital in the respiratory ward. I do 3 long days, working 12.5 hour shifts each day. I was asked to attend the Student Nursing Times awards in London to support my lecturer Anne McCarthy. She was announced as the winner of the ‘Educator of the Year’ title. I was so honoured to be invited! Next month I will be going to London to the Herb Garret Old Operating Theatre & Museum.

Nursing and Operating Theatre

What do you plan to do with your qualification once you have graduated?

My aim is to pursue a managerial position in nursing within the UK, in order to make a bigger impact on the care that is provided. My long-term goal is to volunteer overseas.

Have you done voluntary work before?

Yes, before I returned to education I volunteered at the local hospital. This consisted of going onto the wards and helping and talking to patients. It provided me with real experience of how patients feel at the hospital. I realised how lonely people become when they are in hospital for long periods of time with no visitors.

What does International Nurses Day mean to you?

International Nurses Day reminds me of Florence Nightingale and her legacy, as well as the legacy that I will be leaving behind me as I continue with my career. It also makes me think about the many people that we look after and meet everyday, with different backgrounds from all over the world. I am working today so I plan to mark the day by continuing this legacy.

What advice would you give to anyone considering studying nursing?

Always be passionate about everything that you do. We work with very vulnerable people everyday, and we have to remember how privileged we are to be able to do this. Treat people the way you want to be treated. Smile and treat everyone as an individual. We all have different needs.

Kelly Subhan, talking to Elizabeth @ unCOVered


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