Maria at Birmingham Film Festival

Graduate’s story gets made into an award winning film

Every English and Creative Writing graduate’s dream is to see their work come to life. For recent graduate Maria Omena, her dream has come true.

She explains “Last year, while I was still in the final year of my undergraduate degree in English and Creative Writing at Coventry University, we were informed that Media Production students were looking to collaborate with writers for their final project. I jumped at the opportunity to see one of my stories enacted and submitted a thriller I wrote the previous year for my short story module.”

This led to the creation of a film, based on Maria’s writing, named 1.22.1 and tells the story of Ava, a quiet protagonist that is not as innocent as she seems.

Maria divulges “The main feature of the plot is confusion and duplicity – two things I love to explore with my writing. My job as a writer is that of a guide, and my main goal with this story was to intrigue the readers so they could draw their own conclusions.”

The film made it on the Official Selection of the Birmingham Film Festival and was also shortlisted for the Best Editing Award which is an amazing achievement for both Maria and the Media students involved, all of whom attended the awards.