Studying in the UK allows you to put your dreams into practice and to make memories that will last a lifetime. We understand that joining a university in another country can be both exciting and daunting, and we know many of you may have questions on your mind. What is it like to live in the UK? What is the weather like? How can you make the most of the opportunities available?

We have a dedicated International Team here to support you from the day you make your application to study with us. To help you make the most of your experience and settle in to university life, the team have shared some of their top tips, along with tips from some of our current students!

Here is what they said…

“Learn to cook your favourite recipe from home for those homesick nights and to share with your new University friends. You can buy almost every ingredient and spice in the world in the UK!”

Selma Toohey – Global Business Development Manager


 “Join local sports clubs or activities in and around the city – for example join a running club. Also, make a list of the 3 top cities you want to visit in the UK during your studies and plan ahead of time to buy cheap train tickets and affordable accommodation.”

Laura Vanessa Munoz – Regional Manager, Africa and the Americas

“Always ask for a student discount because it’s available everywhere. And always carry an umbrella because British weather can surprise you!”

Vivek Sharma – Recruitment Manager, Mumbai


 “It’s normal to feel homesick so be prepared for it, we all eventually get that feeling! If you are feeling homesick don’t stay in halls but go out and socialise, do exercise, make your favourite food from home, bring some snacks from your own country to share with new classmates and also video call your family if you want and talk to your new classmates about it. Chances are they are feeling exactly the same.”

Florizza Martinez – Regional Manager – North East Asia

“Take advantage of the opportunities available to you, whether that’s learning a language, becoming a student ambassador, joining a sports club or society or signing up for the Global Leaders Programme. You’ll meet new friends outside of your course, gain networking opportunities and develop extra skills to make you stand out in the graduate job market.”

Emma Middleton – Deputy Head of International Conversion

“Ask questions to your tutor and lecturers if you have any confusion. They are all friendly and kind. Use the resources and support from Coventry University, like the Centre for Academic Writing, Mathematics and Statistics Support, which are all beneficial to your dissertation.”

Jingjing Zheng – Graduate of Advertising and Marketing, now a Marketing and Campaign Officer for China

“Coventry city-centre is only located a 10 minute walk from the campus. The city offers a diverse cultural cuisine from Hot pots, Turkish Kebabs, fantastic curries and a wide range of fast food options. You can find food from all around the world, so make sure you explore it!”

Bursin Ordu – Graduate of Business Management, now an International Conversion Assistant 

 “Make friends before you arrive! Reach out to relevant societies beforehand (E.g. those from your country) https://www.cusu.org/societies/. Attend networking and orientation events to meet people beyond your course! I promise it will be fun and worth your time!”

Tong Fung Hua – Student Ambassador
Studying MSc Digital Marketing Management


“While you are busy studying and socialising during your time at uni, don’t forget to also enjoy the beauty of the UK’s nature and national parks! Below are a few pics of the best ones I had hiked during my time in the UK, best to travel via car but you can use public transport as well in some of these places! I highly recommend Lake District, Seven Sisters, and Isle of Skye!”

Viancqa Kurniawan – Student Ambassador
Studying BSc Financial Economics

“To all the new students, welcome to this adventure. No matter what situation you are in, do remember, everything is happening for our highest good. We have faced the pandemic, a unique challenge. Our resilience demonstrates how adaptable we are. This strength will serve us well as we take the next step in our life. The Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Stay safe and carry on.”

Teresa Yu Ka Yin – Student Ambassador
Studying MSc International Marketing Management

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