Our top 10 Christmas Songs!

After getting our tinsel in a tangle with a few heated discussions, your social media team can finally present our definitive list of top Christmas songs:

10. Wonderful Christmastime

Beginning our top ten is Paul McCartney’s 1979 Christmas hit ‘Wonderful Christmastime’. Whilst the lyrics may be simple, and repeated a lot, Wonderful Christmastime is known by all and is played in shops throughout the land. McCartney keeps the festive mood (and word count) light with lyrics such as “Ding dong, ding dong, Ding dong, ding dong, Ding dong, ding dong”

9. Let it snow let it snow let it snow

I love this song, I know all the words and sing it throughout December (and maybe a little bit of November) BUT, it can’t be placed any higher than number 9 simply because it doesn’t seem to snow here anymore! The weather is not frightful, no-one is going out in a storm and the fire has died because it was too warm to light it anyway. Last year we had no snow, the year before we had a few days worth – but it’s never in December. This is also why ‘I’m dreaming of a white Christmas’ hasn’t made this list – those dreams aren’t coming true Crosby, I’m sorry.

8. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

So on to number eight, this one I like because snow isn’t mentioned (much) so it’s a much more reliable and accurate tune. Lying to kids isn’t very festive Santa… Toys are still in every store, people do have holly on their door, church bells will ring and the Grand Hotel does still have a tree. This tune gets everyone in the festive spirit as the nights draw in, the lights come on and it really does begin to look a lot like Christmas…

7. Last Christmas

Not one for the broken-hearted. Last Christmas is a sad tale about George Michael at Christmas. He watches his old love prancing around with her new beau – his best friend – with misty eyes and pained looks towards the camera. It’s okay though, because this year, he’ll give [his love] to someone special. An inspiring take with a moral for us all.

6. I wish it could be Christmas every day

365 days off work? Yes please! (I’m joking boss, joking…) Wizzard get the number 6 spot with their happy bouncy tune about Christmas, happy snowmen and Santa flying around the universe. The best bit though, is the ending. The simple sentence recited by millions: Why don’t you give your love for Christmas?

5. Merry Christmas Everyone/Everybody

I get these two confused, they’re both good though so I’m bunging them together. Everyone knows Christmas isn’t Christmas until Noddy Holder has proclaimed it so with his trademark ‘IT’S CHRISSSTMAAAASSSSS’ shout. As for Shakin’ Stevens, his  Christmas song cleverly sings about itself: ‘Room is swaying, records playing, all the old songs, we love to hear’ That’s you now Steven! Is there a Steven? *googles *….yes there is, but he is called Michael, which is weird. Anyway, these happy tunes both wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Perfect!

4. Baby it’s cold outside

It may be a little creepy, questionably moral (On the original score the male parts are labelled as ‘wolf’ whilst the female are labelled ‘mouse’! ) and it accompanies a video that shows a much older man encapturing a younger girl to do his bidding BUT ‘Baby, it’s cold outside’ has earnt its place in this list simply because everyone knows the words – and it’s Christmas, and what else would we sing on karaoke?. The are many versions (including the Elf! Version) but none beat the Tom Jones and Cerys Matthews collab…


3. Fairytale of New York

It’s grouchy, it’s grim, it’s depressing and it’s amazing. Released in 1987 by the Pogues, FONY was voted the best Christmas song of all time in the recent tv poll. It doesn’t win on my list because it’s arguably unchristmassy, but it’s placed at number three because it rules. Why? YOU GET TO SWEAR IN A CHRISTMAS SONG. Everyone gets to showcase their awful Irish accents, it’s de rigueuer to stagger around whilst singing it and it’s the perfect group karaoke track.

2. All I want for Christmas, is you

Ah Mariah. The only acceptable song from the warblers lips, ‘All I want for Christmas’ is loved by (nearly) everyone, sung by (nearly) everyone and gets everyone on the dance floor – kicking and screaming maybe, but they’ll secretly be happy to join you.

1. Step into Christmas

My absolute favourite Christmas song! Whilst it’s possibly the shortest Christmas song lyrics wise, it’s happy and bouncy and wishes you good tidings for the whole following year. Elton John, in crazy glasses, welcomes you to his ‘Christmas Song’ and invites you to eat, drink and be merry. With his bank balance what better way is there to start Christmas?
The champagnes’ on you Elton!

Ps: I’d just like to add a special mention to the Muppets Christmas Carol: ‘It feels like Christmas’ and Love, Actually: ‘Christmas is all around’. Both are brilliant songs written for the movie screen; one involves a naked aging rocker and the other involves animals with hands up their bum. Ah, Christmas.

Let us know your favourite festive tunes by commenting below! Merry Christmas everybody!