Module Guides and Descriptors

At the commencement of each occurrence of the module, students should be given (either in paper form or electronically) a Module Guide which expands on the information in the Module Descriptor. Typically, this will include:

  • a teaching plan/schedule of activities;
  • names and contact details of staff involved in module delivery;
  • details of coursework assignments (e.g. one 2,000 word essay
  • plus one group report) and assessment criteria;
  • course work deadlines, class test dates etc.
  • methods and opportunities for reassessment;
  • methods of communication (e.g. which notice board – electronic or otherwise – the students are expected to consult regularly).

The Module Information Directory (MID) is an on-line computer-based information system which enables students to access descriptions of any module from across the University. Module Leaders are responsible for ensuring that the Module Descriptor is accurate and up-to-date. The Module Leader should also ensure that the intended learning outcomes of the module are stated clearly, that the learning and teaching methods will enable students to achieve the intended learning outcomes, and that the methods of assessment will enable the student to demonstrate achievement of those outcomes. Amendments to Module Descriptors require approval by the Board of Study (BoS) (Chair’s Action is sufficient for minor changes). For further information consult your Faculty/School Registrar.

New Module Leaders should check with the Faculty/School Registrar as to whether there have been any approved changes which have not yet been incorporated into the module descriptor.

Moodle is the University’s virtual learning environment and as Module Leader you will be responsible for maintaining a module web for your module(s) which must include the minimum content as follows:

  • name of module leader – office number – availability;
  • names of other module tutors;
  • e-mail addresses for all tutors on module;
  • response time protocol if on-line surgeries are held;
  • teaching timetable for year – with rooms and activities;
  • assessment titles and requirements;
  • assessment weightings and deadlines for coursework (add to calendar);
  • details of exams, length and time of year;
  • marks for coursework;
  • Module Guide;
  • teaching materials – see lecture note guide;
  • where possible previous exam papers.

For further information on Moodle, including help guides, please go to:

For further information on Module guides go to:

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