Student Support

Student Services provide a supporting guide for both staff and students each year.  Available at:

Who is the guide for?

This guide has been produced for any member of staff who works with students on a 1:1 basis. In particular, personal tutors should find the guide useful in terms of referring students to more specialist support. This guide also forms part of the training for Academic and Personal Tutors.

What is the purpose of the guide?

The aim of the guide is to provide an overview of the wide range of personal and academic support that is available to students across the University. The guide also identifies a key contact name/number for each type of support service. Hopefully, this will make it easier for staff to signpost students to the most appropriate service.

What is the best way to use the guide?

The first part of the guide identifies the type of issues that students often experience and which support service might be most appropriate in the first instance. The second part of the guide provides more detailed information about the key functions of each support service including ‘frequently asked questions’.