An extension is permission to hand in a piece of assessed work after the published hand-in date without incurring a penalty.  If a student is granted an extension, this will normally be for a period of up to two weeks.  If their circumstances are such that an extension of up to two weeks would not be sufficient or they feel that despite being granted an extension their performance in a piece of coursework could be seriously impaired, they may apply for a deferral of the coursework assessment.

To qualify for an extension the student must have mitigating circumstances which are unexpected and/or exceptional.

If you are asked to advise a student on applying for an extension please follow these steps:

Step 1:  Refer the student to the guide ‘Extenuating circumstances – a guide for students’ which is available from the Registry section of the Student Portal

Step 2:  Having read this advice and if the student feels there are grounds for an extension, please direct them to the Registry section of the Student Portal or to the Faculty Registry to obtain an extension form and advise them of the importance of submitting this form with third-party evidence BEFORE the submission date of the assessment.  All forms with evidence must be submitted to the Faculty Registry.

Step 3:  After consideration, the student will be notified via e-mail of the decision whether or not to grant an extension (normally within 24 hours).  If successful, they will be given a new submission date no more than two weeks after the original submission date.  If rejected, the student can appeal within two working days, but must provide new third-party evidence which will have not been considered previously.

Step 4:  The Module Leader will be notified by the Faculty Registry of all successful extension applications relating to your module.  Providing the student meets the new extended deadline, they will be awarded full marks for the work submitted.  Work submitted after the extended hand-in date should receive a mark of zero.