A Rich Nightmare!

Linda-Jennifer is rich because she designed a 3D pen, and gets lots of money. With her money, she buys a yacht. She travels on her yacht to a mysterious island (she is going there to collect some carbon fibre to improve her 3D pen). She looks for some wood to build a fire.

Two peasants who live on the island run over to the yacht. They climb aboard to search for the thing that they have always dreamed of having in their possession…the 3D pen.

The two rummage around and mess up the yacht. They find the pen in a drawer and see a key on the desk. They open the desk and shove the pen in their tacky brown bags.

On their journey home, they find a little boy hiding a pair of huge diamond earrings. They say they want to trade the pen for the earrings. The child surprisingly agrees.

Linda-Jennifer comes back with wood but finds that her yacht was completely ruined, and sees that the drawer that she keeps her pen in is open. She screams, “Somebody is going to pay for this!”

She leaves the boat to find her person who did it, and she stumbles across the kid who is holding her pen. She snatches it off the kid takes it back to her yacht. She watches a film and draws a picture from her favourite part of the movie. Suddenly she gets sucked into the picture she had drawn.

By Suraya, Bethany, and Danielle