CovWords ‘book of the month’- January Edition

Although there has been an incredible selection to choose from, our ‘book of the month’ is going to have to be the brilliant ‘You’ by Caroline Kepnes. A graphic tale into the mind of a serial stalker, it’s a book you won’t put down.

Penn Badgley plays the role of ‘Joe Goldberg’ in the Netflix adaptation of the same name.

The book offers a first person narrative that takes you literally inside Joe’s head, you read the good thoughts and all of the bad ones. It is graphic throughout, in terms of violence, sexual content and death. But, at the same time, you cannot stop reading. Joe Goldberg tries to charm the characters and ultimately succeeds half the time, but he’s also charming the reader, making you like him, then hate him.

He may seem like a kind hearted, handsome Bookseller, but really he is a psychopath, he sees no remorse for his actions as he always has an excuse behind each reason for doing a bad thing. But when he falls in love with a girl named Guinevere Beck, this sparks something inside his head which takes Psychopathic Joe to the full volume. And we, as the reader, get to be taken on the Journey alongside him.

The Netflix adaptation of the series hit our screens in December, and the world is going obsessed for Joe Goldberg and the story as told by Caroline Kepnes. What makes it so special, is you rarely ever get an anti-hero as your main character, but with Joe, you do and you are battling between loving and hating him.

‘You’ is available from all good bookstores.

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