The 6 biggest health trends right now

The 6 biggest health trends right now

Healthy lifestyle trends are all the rage nowadays, with veganism being at the forefront of a movement that focuses on the apparent benefits of following a particular diet or inclusion of certain foods. Health and wellness diets have been around for a number of years and they’re constantly evolving and changing; from the celebrity favourite low carb Atkins diet to cutting out gluten.

The trends appear to come and go with the times, regardless of proof that they hold any long term health benefits. Here at Discuss we’ve taken a look at the biggest health crazes out there today.


photo-1467055364866-a86986c4e402Turmeric is huge right now and the fuss shows no sign of dying down. It’s reported to have a wealth of health benefits, with properties that are able to cure a variety of ailments including arthritis and stomach ulcers. The spice itself has been used throughout history as a form of medicine, but there’s limited evidence that it has any effect on the conditions it’s claimed to treat.

Intermittent fasting

Fasting is a trend that has really taken off recently after being taken up by people looking to lose weight. The process of intermittent fasting means establishing a certain number of hours a day where you consume food and then not eating for the rest of the day. The most popular hours are 8:16, where a person has an 8 hour window where they eat and a 16 hour window where they fast. Intermittent fasting places the focus not on changing what a person eats, but when a person eats. Research seems to support the theory behind it, suggesting that during the fasting period the body processes nutrients and burns fat.


spinach-791629_960_720Advertising a food in stores as a superfood is illegal, but that doesn’t stop the internet fuelling new trends. First it was spinach and blueberries, next came the reign of the avocado. New superfoods are now creeping their way in looking to take the avocado’s throne, the first being the jackfruit and the second being the monk fruit. These superhero fruits are being used to replace flour, sugar and even meat.

The keto diet

This diet is fast becoming a trend worldwide. Similar to the Atkins, the ketogenic diet focuses on cutting out carbohydrates and increasing protein. The diet works by eventually having the body run out of the fuel that it takes from carbs, then from there it begins to burn fat and protein as a way to create fuel; this is called ketosis. Said to be good for fat loss, heart disease and even epilepsy, there’s still a lot of research needed to back up the claimed benefits.

Bone broth

Sounds like something your nan would make, but this new trend is taking the world by storm. The broth is made from beef or chicken bones that have been boiled down, and just a cup a day is said to give you healthier joints and shinier and thicker hair. Although none of this has been scientifically proven, it’s one way of using up your Sunday lunch leftovers.

Raw foods

HNCK8693If you like eating raw fruits, vegetables and grains, you’re in luck with this one. This trend is becoming increasingly popular and it is exactly what it says on the tin. Linked to the trend of clean eating which has become massively popular recently, the raw foods diet goes one step further by completely cutting out the cooking process. The idea is that heating food destroys its nutrients and natural enzymes, with fans claiming that uncooked, unprocessed food can boost immunity and digestion.

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