7 music playlists to boost your study session

7 music playlists to boost your study session

Studying can be tricky because you need to keep up your concentration for long periods of time. Some people prefer to study in silence but we find that music is the perfect background for an essay or presentation writing.

Changing it up between songs with lyrics that keep you motivated and songs without lyrics that help you concentrate can make a big difference. The following playlists and tools will give you the tunes you need and will satisfy all musical tastes.

1) Electronic

Odesza are a Seattle duo that made waves in the electronic underground world. Their album In Return is the perfect blend of upbeat lyrical and instrumental mixes that will keep you motivated.

2) Classical

Classical music is known to be highly effective at keeping you focused on study. Whatever your experience with Beethoven and Mozart, give the classics a try and they may help you get a better grade. You will have heard the first track from this suite from Grieg in TV and film, but it’s a great choice for some background noise.

3) Movies

Study to the sounds of Jurassic Park, Pirates of the Caribbean or Toy Story. You know you want to.

4) Coffee Shop

Coffitivity is the app that lets you study to the sound of a coffee shop. The low hum of chatter and chinking mugs will help you reach through your word count easily. There is a university mode, or if you go premium there are the adventurous sounds of a Brazilian bistro or a Texas teahouse.

5) Ambient

Ambient music is the art of bringing together sounds to immerse you in an atmosphere. It throws out the rulebook of music and can be a powerful study aid. Polyblip create some fizzing ambient tracks on SoundCloud that will help you soak up information when you study.

6) Focus@Will

Focus@Will combines neuroscience research with music that is scientifically proven to help you concentrate. It reads the previous track you listened to and then serves you another that will keep you focussed to increase your productivity. It has thousands of hours of music with categories ranging from Focus Spa, Baroque Piano and Drum Zone.

7) Video Games

Video game music is perfect for concentration, because it is designed to play naturally in the background without taking your attention away from the game. Most video games have soundtracks online. Try hours of iconic soundtracks from the Legend of Zelda series, including this haunting reworking of Majora’s Mask and the beautiful Ocarina of Time.