Do you need a car at University?

Do you need a car at University?

It’s the age old question which plagues university students, especially those who already own a car and have a drivers licence. Whilst we can’t speak for all university campuses, we can shed light on studying at CU Coventry. Now we’ve got that little disclaimer out the way, let’s look at the pros and cons of having a car at Uni.

Living on a student budget requires masterful planning… or two weeks of non-stop spending followed by living on pot noodles until the next instalment of student loan arrives (that’s completely up to you), but cars are expensive to own and run. Think about it, what’s the point in forking out the monthly costs for a car if you can’t afford to put fuel in it? The cost is a massive negative for us, especially if you’re looking to live on a city campus like Coventry, where public transport is around every corner and a lot of your studies/social activities are within walking distance.

Like a drink every now and again? Hate supermarket shopping? Don’t overlook the fact that you will become the resident taxi. Your house mates will want lifts for the weekly shop, ferrying to and from social events and despite your best patience the requests will wear thin overtime.

This is the flip side to our previous point. With a car you’ll be the coolest kid on campus. Obviously we’re kidding, but it won’t hurt your chances when it comes to making new friends, or getting that date!

This is one of the biggest advantages… having your own car brings with it a wealth of freedom which just isn’t possible when it comes to public transport. For example, are you stressed? Missing home? Or just need a break? No problem, gather up your dry cleaning, pop in your car, head home and raid that fridge!

The last thing on our list is an obvious one, but it’s often over looked. Does your current accommodation come with student parking? If not you’ll have to take that into consideration. You haven’t felt true parking frustration until you’ve been forced to park 3 streets away in the pouring rain, due to the lack of off the road parking. Trust us, we’ve been there. Fortunately, there are pay and display car parks suitable for students on Gulson Road, Gosford Street and more. More information on this can be found at Coventry City Council’s website.

It’s your choice
Obviously we can’t actually tell you if it’s a good idea for you to own a car at university as everyone’s situation is unique, but it is worth considering the above factors, especially if you aren’t 100% sure.