Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to you!

We hope you’re having a great day- to make your day a little brighter, we at Discuss have pulled together some famous faces you share a birthday with. Check them out below!

Christian Bale- Actor, known for Christopher Nolan Batman Trilogy
Jessica Ennis- Athlete
J. R.R Tolkien- Writer, known for Lord of the Rings
Martin Luther King, Jr.- Civil rights activist
Elvis Preseley- Musician, known for Hound Dog and Jailhouse Rock
Stephen Hawking, Theoretical Physicist known for A Brief History of Time
Wolfgang Mozart- Composer, known for The Magic Flute
Liam Hemsworth- Actor, known for The Hunger Games
Colette- Writer, known for Gigi
Muhammad Ali- Boxer and activist

Tom Hiddleston- Actor, known for The Avengers
James Dean- Actor, known for Rebel without a Cause
Rihanna- Musician, known for Umbrella and Diamonds
John Williams- Composer, known for Jaws and Jurassic Park
Victor Hugo- Writer, known for Les Miserables
Thomas Edison- Inventor, known for the electric light bulb
Cristiano Ronaldo- Footballer for Real Madrid
Alan Rickman- Actor, known for Robin Hood Prince of Thieves and Harry Potter
Levi Strauss- Entrepreneur, founder of Levi Strauss & Co.
Babe Ruth- Baseball player for the New York Yankees

Justin Bieber- Musician, known for Baby and What do you mean?
Albert Einstein- Theoretical Physicist, known for the theory of relativity
Vincent van Gough- Artist, known for The Starry Night
William Shatner- Actor, known for Star Trek
Andrew Lloyd Webber- Composer, known for Phantom of the Opera
Stephen Sondheim- Composer, known for Into the Woods and Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
Shaquille O’Neal- Basketball player for the LA Lakers
Anton Yelchin- Actor, known for Alpha Dog and Star Trek
Spike Lee- Director, known for Malcom X
MC Hammer- Rapper, known for U Can’t Touch This

William Shakespeare- Playwright, known for Romeo and Juliet
Vivienne Westwood- Fashion Designer, known for women’s clothes
Darcey Bussell- Retired Ballerina, known for the Royal Ballet and Strictly Come Dancing
Leonardo da Vinci- Artist, known for The Mona Lisa and The Last Supper
Susan Boyle- Singer and reality TV contestant known for Wild Horses
Jane Leeves- Actor, known for Frasier
Franics Ford Coppola- Director, known for The Godfather
Charlie Chaplin- Actor, known for The Tramp and The Great Dictator
Rick Moranis- Actor, known for Honey I Shrunk the Kids and Ghostbusters
Bobby Moore- Footballer and captain of England during 1966 World Cup

Emilio Estevez- Actor, known for The Breakfast Club
Gabriel Byrne- Actor, known for The Usual Suspects
Princess Charlotte- Fourth in line to the throne, daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
David Attenborough- Broadcaster and naturalist, known for Blue Planet
Ian Fleming- Writer, known for James Bond
James Brown, Musician, known for Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag
Howard Ashman- Playwright and songwriter, known for Little Shop of Horrors and Disney’s Beauty and the Beast
Judy Kuhn- Actress and singer, known for Pocahontas
Andy Murray- Tennis player
Dwayne Johnson- Wrestler and Actor known for Get Smart

Judy Garland- Actor and singer, known for The Wizard of Oz
Hugh Laurie- Actor, known for House
Marilyn Monroe- Actor, known for Some like it Hot and The Prince and the Showgirl
Colm Wilkinson- Tenor, known for Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables
James Newton Howard- Composer, known for The Fugitive and Maleficent
Mike Tyson- Boxer
Venus Williams- Tennis player
Jason Donovan- Actor, singer and radio presenter
Kate Upton- Model
Noah Wyle- Actor, known for ER

Prince George- Third in line to the throne, son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
Benedict Cumberbatch- Actor, known for Sherlock
Robin Williams- Actor, known for Hook and Jumanji
Richard Branson- Businessman, known for Virgin group
Alexandre Dumas- Writer, known for The Three Musketeers
Michael Flatley- Dancer, known for Lord of the Dance
Fatboy Slim- DJ, known for Praise You and Right Here, Right Now
Triple H- Wrestler
Jo Brand- Comedian
Winnie Harlow- Model

Jennifer Lawrence- Actor, known for The Hunger Games
Coco Chanel- Fashion Designer, known for women’s clothes, accessories and perfume
Barack Obama- President of the United States of America (2009-2016)
Alexander Fleming- Biologist, known for discovering penicillin
Neil Armstrong- First man on the moon
Tim Burton- Director, known for Edward Scissorhands
Coolio- Rapper, known for Gangster’s Paradise
Hermin Melville-Writer, known for Moby Dick
Yves Saint Laurent- Fashion Designer, known for Christian Dior
Hulk Hogan- Wrestler and Actor known for Suburban Commando and Mr. Nanny

Tom Hardy- Actor, known for Mad Max
George R. R. Martin- Writer, known for A Game of Thrones
Will Smith- Musician and actor, known for Men in Black and Miami
Jack Dee- Comedian
Michael Buble- Musician known for Home
Colonel Sanders- Entrepreneur, founder of KFC
Mark Hamil- Actor, known for Star Wars
Jamie Hynemen- Reality TV star known for Myth Busters
Marion Cotillard- Actor, known for La Vie en Rose and Inception
Stephen King- Writer, known for The Shining

Sylvia Plath- Writer, known for The Bell Jar
John Lennon-Musician, known as a member of The Beatles
Pablo Picasso- Artist, known for Le Reve
Howard Shore- Composer, known for Lord of the Rings and Silence of the Lambs
Mahatma Gandhi- Civil rights leader
Sting- Musician, known as a member of The Police
Hugh Jackman- Actor, known for Wolverine
Luciano Pavarotti- Tenor, known for La Boheme and Madama Butterfly
Les Dennis- Comedian and TV presenter
Michael Gambon- Actor, known for Harry Potter series

Leonardo Dicaprio- Actor, known for Titanic
Mrgaret Atwood- Writer, known for The Handmaid’s Tale
Claude Monet- Artist, known for Water lilies
Grace Kelly- Actor and Princess of Monaco
Stephen Merchant- Comedian
Emma Stone- Actor, known for Easy A
Jeff Buckley- Musician, known for Hallelujah
Billy Connolly- Comedian
Jo DiMaggio- Baseball player for the New York Yankees and spouse of Marilyn Monroe
Marc Brown- Writer, known for Arthur books

Maggie Smith- Actor, known for Harry Potter series
Steven Spielberg- Director, known for Jaws
Jane Austen- Writer, known for Pride and Prejudice
Walt Disney – Founder of Disney
Eddie the Eagle, Olympic ski jumper
Britney Spears- Musician, known for Baby One More Time
Tiger Woods- Golfer
Frank Sinatra- Actor and Musician, known for Strangers in the Night and My Way
Jennifer Carpenter- Actor, known for Dexter
Damien Rice- Musician, known for Cannonball