How to stay healthy as a student

How to stay healthy as a student

With assessments, making friends, exploring your new home and generally having fun taking up most of your time, staying healthy will likely end up at the bottom of the priority list.

However, looking after yourself can really help with your ability to perform lots of general tasks as well as helping to keep your mental health in check. Although a short run here or there will definitely help, staying healthy doesn’t mean spending hours doing strenuous exercise, it can be as simple as getting some fresh air every day.

Cooking to stay healthy

Skip the takeaways and get cooking! Cooking from scratch is not only extremely satisfying and delicious (most of the time) but the fresh ingredients used are packed full of vital nutrients to help keep your brain functioning at its best. If you want to be super prepared, cook a large meal at the start of the week and portion it out so that it lasts for a few days, drastically reducing the amount of time you need to spend cooking and shopping.


Sleeping to stay healthy

Get enough sleep! With late nights out and early morning starts to get in a busy day of studying, sleep can often get neglected. Sleep is the time that the body repairs itself, so it’s vital you set aside time to get in a proper snooze. Try and get into a routine of waking up and going to bed at the same time each day, and if possible remove distractions from sleep like your mobile phone, laptop or TV from your bedroom.


Exercising to stay healthy

Get some exercise! In an ideal world we’d all get to the gym every day. However, with exercising it’s all about making a realistic routine and sticking to it. Find a gym that supports the type of exercise you’re interested in, whether that’s weightlifting, martial arts or something a bit more relaxed like yoga. Or if the gym isn’t really your thing there’s plenty of parks in Coventry where you can walk, run or cycle.

Talking to stay healthy

Take advantage of your institution’s support services! Sometimes, it can get a bit much, we know this and that’s why we have a dedicated support team. We can help with academic pressures, financial concerns, emotional support and welfare issues.

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