Managing your studying effectively

Managing your studying effectively

Being a student is an extremely busy time. You could be settling into a new city, learning the ropes of living away from home, getting stuck in with new hobbies and making new friends. With everything going on, it can be easy to forget why you came here in the first place-to gain a qualification!

Maintaining focus on your studies will be vital so that you achieve the best grade possible, and so that you don’t need to pull too many all-nighters towards the end of term.

Below, we’ve collected a few suggestions to make studying over a long period that bit easier.

Setting goals for studying

Set some goals. If you know what you want to achieve on your course, you can plan to stick to so that you can reach your ambitions. Your tutors can help with planning in this way. Goals don’t necessarily have to be academic and can even be deciding when you want to have a certain piece of work completed. The benefit of planning in this way is that it becomes easier to stay organised when working to deadlines.


Organised studying

Stay prepared. For example, deadlines that are far away have a sneaky habit of coming around very quickly. Especially when you’re busy with so much else. Break big deadlines into smaller pieces of work so that you can start working towards them early and manage the workload more efficiently.

Socialising and studying

Manage your social life. It can be difficult to say ‘no’ when making plans, especially when they’re new friends and you want to make a good impression. However, finding a balance is really important. One good way of managing your time is to set aside the weekdays for working and the weekends for socialising. That way if you do end up requiring any extra time for a last-minute deadline, you can always do some extra studying on the weekend. Another benefit of managing your social life is that it can help save some money!

Use the above tips to stay on track with your studies and if you need any further support, we’re always here for you.

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