Learning at Work Week

Learning at Work Week

It’s Learning at Work Week (16 – 22 May) – which is highly appropriate to us, since bringing higher education to workplaces across the country is what we do.

What is Uni@Work?
If you haven’t come across Uni@Work before, we deliver higher education in workplaces across the country, including Higher and Degree Apprenticeships in partnership with the Skills Funding Agency. This makes it possible for people who have chosen not to go down the traditional university route to study for a degree while earning a full time wage. At the same time Uni@Work also gives employers a cost-effective way to increase the level of skills in their organisations.

What can we do for you?
We tailor courses to the specific business needs and culture of different employers, and adapt teaching methods to the requirements of individual learners. Academic qualifications are awarded by Coventry University and learners have the opportunity to gain a professional qualification at the same time.

What to expect from worked based learning

  • Learning is by a blend of face-to-face, online and self-directed study, and individual learning styles and needs are catered for.
  • There are no examinations as learning is assessed by a range of different methods.
  • One of the first things we do at the start of a course is to conduct a profiling exercise to find out how the people taking part learn best. Some who found studying difficult in large classes at school are delighted to find that they blossom in a smaller group with one-to-one coaching.
  • The course content is designed to apply to the learner’s own area of work, making it easy to connect theory to practice, and apply new knowledge and skills to his or her day-to day work.
  • From day one, employers benefit from new ideas and fresh perspectives introduced by learners, bringing cost savings and innovation. Together with government funding (typically two-thirds), this can mean that the programme is cost neutral.

Learning at Work Week
This year’s Learning at Work Week theme – ‘Connect’ – is central to the role of Uni@Work. We connect employers and existing/new employees of all ages to higher education – and connect the content and delivery of that education to their business culture and learning style. Tutors connect with learners, who connect with each other as a team and with the ethos and business aims of their employers.

Apprenticeship Levy
Many employers are concerned about what the new Apprenticeship Levy (due to start in April 2017 to help achieve the government’s target of three million apprenticeships by 2020), will mean for them. Check back next week to take our test and find out if you are Levy Ready – and if not, what you can do about it.

Find out more at the Uni@Work website, or find us on Twitter and LinkedIn.