How to beat the stress of university life

How to beat the stress of university life

Even before you arrive at university you may be feeling stressed; the UCAS application alone is enough to cause anyone worry, then throw in student finance and you’ll wonder how you’re going to cope with much more. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there! However we’re sorry to inform you now that your stress levels are soon going to get stepped up a notch when you start your studies. But never fear DisCUss are here to help beat the stress and help you achieve your potential.

Now everyone tells you this and it is very cliché however it really does work, plan plan and plan some more. Planning when you are going to study will help you to manage your stress levels and give you more time to make any necessary edits to assignments. Your university will give you plenty of warning as to when your assignments and exams are due.

Get outside
You will be surprised by what a nice walk outside can do for you. Taking in the some scenery and fresh air will help you clear your head and allow you to take a mental step back from everything. There are many lovely walks that you can go on in and around your campus: near CU Coventry there is the War Memorial Park, CU London has Central Park on its doorstep and CU Scarborough have Falsgrave Park nearby.

If you are feeling like the stress has already started to mount, exercise is a fantastic way to release it whilst also getting fit. That’s killing two birds with one stone! Attending weekly exercise classes can be particularly good for scheduling in specific time to workout however simply going for a run one morning really can help to clear your head.

Me time
Taking some time for yourself is essential to not only recharge your batteries but to help you maintain a healthy work and play balance in your life. Whether that be having a movie marathon one evening or having bubble bath with a face mask. We know you guys would enjoy that too, don’t lie.

Practising mindfulness is something which is not widely recognised but can be incredibly effective. You can practice alone or as part of a group in order to help reduce anxiety and relax yourself. There are many great apps online for you to practice mindfulness or if you prefer something more social you can attend scheduled classes.

If you are finding life particularly stressful at CU as a student you do have access to an onsite Student Welfare Advisor. They are able to assist you with personal or health issues as well as provide emotional support. Please visit the Customer Service Desk for more details.

Additional mental health resources: