Questions to ask at an interview

Questions to ask at an interview

No matter what year you are in or even if you are yet to become a university student eventually you will have to go through an interview process. It is common knowledge what typical questions you will be asked within your interview however, what you may not have considered are the important questions that you need to ask. It is important that you wait until the end to ask your questions to ensure you don’t come across as overbearing. Below we have compiled the top 8 questions we think are essential for you to ask at an interview that will help you gain your dream job.


When will I hear back from you regarding this position?
Asking this type of question shows that you are eager and highly interested in the job role. Also if you are at the beginning stages of the recruitment process (e.g. telephone interview) this will allow you to have a time frame in mind as to how long you will have to prepare for the next stage (if you are successful).

Is there an opportunity or a chance for progression within the company?
This shows that you are looking to stay within the company long term as well as show that you are a driven individual willing to work hard, a key selling point.

What types of training opportunities do you offer?
Focusing a question on training shows that you would be willing to develop your existing skills in the future. This in turn may make you a more desirable candidate.

In what way is performance measured and reviewed?
This will help you understand what the main objectives are for the job role also help with achieving targets if you get the job.

How many other people are there in the team?
This will give you an insight as to how large the department is as well as how many people you will be working alongside. This could be an essential question to ask if you are someone who works best individually or in small teams.

Are there any other additional responsibilities I would be required to do?
Asking this question could allow you to sell yourself further and help you gain a more in depth insight of the job role.

What do you look for in a good employee?
This will give you an idea of the company’s culture and what the current members of staff are like. This could also be an opportunity to tailor your answers to what they are looking for.

What are the company’s plans for the future?
Asking a question about the company’s future shows that you are interested in the organisation as a whole rather than just the job role you are applying for. Organisation’s tend to choose employees based who have the company’s best interest in mind.


For interviews we advise that you try to relax and be yourself. However avoid questions based on salary, holidays and benefits as this could paint you in a negative light and hinder you chances of gaining the job. These are all conditions that can be negotiated after the organisation has offered you the position.