7 essential student days out from Coventry

7 essential student days out from Coventry

We love Coventry, but sometimes it is a good idea to escape and visit many of the other exciting places in the surrounding towns and cities. These are perfect for weekend days out, or a celebration with classmates after a particularly tough assignment.

1) Warwick

Detox from city life with Britain’s finest market town. Warwick has a happy blend of markets, cute cafes and quaint shops that are perfect for gifts.

Most importantly, you have to visit Warwick Castle (get 2 for 1 on the train). Enjoy themed banquets, see jousting shows and horrify a frenemy housemate at the Castle Dungeon.

2) Leamington Spa

Just 15 minutes away from Coventry by train, Leamington is a popular student town with some great foodie spots for coffee or some Latin American food. If romance is in the air, stroll through the beautiful Jephson Gardens and feed the ducks.

Finish the night with a bar crawl along the Parade. Leamington even has a nightclub called Smack which was ranked in the top ten in the world. Experience it and tell us if it deserves the reputation.

3) Alton Towers

It might be a bit of a trek to get there, but you can’t beat Alton Towers for a thrilling day out. There is a theme park and a water park, plus crazy golf and a spa for those who feel less comfortable at high speed. Their latest ride, Wicker Man, brings fire to a wooden rollercoaster for the first time, which sounds like a great idea.

4) Stratford-upon-Avon


If you have writer’s block and can’t fight through the last hundred words of an essay, go to Shakespeare country and let the history sink in. Seeing a play at the Globe is an affordable option for under 25s with their discount for young people.

It also has beautiful green stretches where you can pitch up a picnic blanket and share some ice cream.

5) Birmingham

You may have seen Birmingham at night if you were bussed to one of its superclubs over Freshers’. However, it is well worth seeing in daylight. The Bullring has a good selection of shops and the city is famous for its curry quarter, the Balti Triangle.

Soak up culture with museums and sea life, visit the Gay Village during Pride season or enjoy the German Christmas market that takes over half the city ever winter.

6) London


You may not think of London as close to Coventry, but thanks to the high speed trains that zip through our corner of England, you can get there in just over an hour. You might not be surprised to learn that there is plenty to do in the capital. Culture, sport, food and everything else imaginable.

7) Cotswolds

If you really want to escape real life for a bit (and not just as superb procrastination from your group project) then it is worth heading out to some of Britain’s areas of outstanding natural beauty. The Cotswolds has rolling hills, patchwork fields and adorably thatched houses.

Honourable mentions

Cycling trips in the Peak District and hikes through Sherwood Forest.

Pairing up a getaway to Oxford with a visit to a friend studying at one of the colleges. You get to go backstage to some of their fancy buildings and formal dinners. See some of the locations they used in Harry Potter and take a punt on one of the rivers.