Student survival tips

Student survival tips

Finding your new-found uni life a bit harder to manage than you thought? Well, help is on hand. Here is our best advice on how to make your uni life just that little bit easier. You’re welcome!

Learn to budget

There’s nothing worse than getting towards the end of term and trying to make a meal from a tin of tuna and the dregs in a ketchup bottle because you blasted through your student loan in the first few weeks.

Get a part-time job

CU Scarborough’s courses are designed so that you have plenty of time to fit work and life around your studies. Even better, get a job related to what you’re studying and you’ll have a head start on everyone else when you graduate.

Student discount

It’s the one time in your life you’ll get money off just for being skint. Sites like Student Beans and UNiDAYS offer great discounts when you register with them using your uni email address, and check out NUS Extra and the Save the Student! discount directory too.

Know when to call it a night

Just a few drinks can easily escalate into something from The Hangover. Don’t let FOMO make you stay out longer than you intended. Your head and your wallet will thank you the next day.

Halls essentials

In Halls keep a jumper or dressing gown near your bed for those 4am fire alarms for when someone burns their toast after a night out.