Five apps to help your mental health

Five apps to help your mental health

Thanks to our smart phones, help and advice has never been so easy to access. The apps listed here are all NHS recommended and are free to download so if you feel you are struggling with your mental health, they may be able to provide you with some extra support.

If you feel you need help with your mental health whilst studying at CU, contact your campus wellbeing team. Or, go directly to a healthcare professional like your GP, who can refer you to the support you may need.

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So, what apps are out there?

Below are 5 popular apps designed to help you manage your mental health.

Calm Harm

This award-winning app aims to help reduce the urges of self-harm in its users by providing tasks which help resist or manage the urge.


This app aims to reduce stress and anxiety with its game-style format. It is intended to be used routinely before a stressful situation to encourage a more relaxed way of life.

Silver Cloud

This app provides an eight week course teaching you how to manage stress, anxiety and depression. It is aimed to be completed at your own pace and the topics featured have been selected by a therapist to target specific common areas.

Big White Wall

Many of our students will have heard of Big White Wall already, but to those that haven’t, Big White Wall is a free anonymous service which is monitored by mental health professionals 24/7. It is an online forum for people who suffer with anxiety, depression or suicidal thoughts, where you can share your feelings anonymously and speak to others or directly to a therapist.

Blue Ice

Blue Ice is an app targeted at young people to help reduce their thoughts of self-harm and teach different methods of managing their emotions. It includes a mood diary and if the distressing urges continue, will automatically route to an emergency number.