Studying in the UK, one of the best decisions I’ve made.

Studying in the UK, one of the best decisions I’ve made.

Since arriving in Coventry my time spent here has been really amazing. So much so, I’d like to share some of my experiences with you via this blog.

Moving to the UK was quite stressful as it was difficult to adapt to the weather!  But as I moved on, I discovered and met with a lot of other interesting things and people that have made my stay wonderful. Coventry isn’t as busy as the city of London, but it is a lovely city. Maybe that’s why I have huge love for the city.

Accommodation is still something I have to settle, although I live in a nice room in a serene part of Coventry, but it is a bit far away from the campus. Well, not everything goes smoothly, there will always be ups and down especially when you start in an odd month of the academic year. On the whole living in Coventry is fun.

Coventry city centre is a place to be on a sunny afternoon, the Godiva statue centred in the city centre glorifies its beauty. Shopping malls for clothes and accessories and cafes and restaurants be it Italian, African, Asian and much more. Students have a nice place to relax in the afternoon after studying. Coventry cathedral which is also centred in the lovely city is one historic building. One could call it the attraction of the city to tourists.

The Coventry market which is just 5 minutes’ walk from campus has honestly given me a home away from home feeling. Every African food you can think of; you will find in Coventry market. Shopping at Coventry market has become my Friday-to-do. Having an African market close by hasn’t made me try British food… however I am looking forward to trying fish and chips; I’ve heard it tastes great!

Thankfully, the weather is getting better as we journey through the year. It’s now the Spring period but when I first got here during winter, it was really harsh for me. In Nigeria, it only gets cold during rainy season and harmattan which isn’t even half as cold as it is during spring in the UK! So the change of weather has been really difficult for me but adaptation is one inevitable in life.

I couldn’t choose anywhere better to study. The mode of study from lectures to textbooks to facilities. Education in the UK is just perfect. Back in Nigeria, we have to buy textbooks, have lectures day and night. Whereas over here, it’s quite easy. All the books you could ever need to help with your studies, you will find in the library, dedicated tutors to help you if you need any help, flexible classes so students can have time for other stuff and even work part time to save cash.

Another wonderful part about education in Coventry is the fact that you get to meet people from different backgrounds; Romanian, Polish, Spanish, Chinese, Indians and of course British. I even got to meet people from other African countries like Zimbabwe, Congo, Mozambique, Sierra Leone. Meeting people, you also get to learn new cultures, different traditions and also, different foods.

Moving to England has been one of my greatest decisions in life. I’m so loving studying in the UK. I hope to be a good ambassador in Nigeria in the UK and after I graduate from university and move back home, I hope to inculcate the British ethics to the people around me.