Top 5 jobs that will take you around the world

Top 5 jobs that will take you around the world

Do you dream of travelling the world? One of the best ways to become an expert globetrotter is by getting a job which presents you with the opportunity to travel. Now this might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for those who have a thirst for adventure check out these top 5 jobs that will take you around the world.

Flight attendant
Number one on the list and probably the most obvious is flight attendant. Whilst short haul staff don’t always get the opportunity for an overnight stay, long haul staff are blessed with overnight stays in exotic locations such as Hong Kong, Thai beaches and other places us office folk can only dream of.

Au pair
This isn’t necessarily a profession that will see you cover all four corners of the globe, however it will allow you to travel abroad, mostly to EU countries. The great thing about being an au pair is it gives you the chance to really embed yourself into the culture, learn the language and make friends in your chosen destination. Most au pair work is part-time, so you’ll also be blessed with plenty of free time to explore your new surroundings.

Surf or Ski instructor
Bear with us on this one. It might seem like an unrealistic entry in our top 5, trust us, it isn’t. The tourism industry is booming and assuming you have a good grasp of the English language (both verbally and written) you’ll tick one of the big boxes required when working as an instructor in the tourism industry. Then comes the hard part of getting qualified as a Surf or Ski instructor… but hey, we never said it would be easy!

After our last suggestion, we thought we would take it back the basics. There’s a good chance you have, or you know someone who has tended a bar. This might not immediately strike you as job that could take you travelling, but as long as you have the relevant visas and you speak the local lingo, there’s a decent chance you’ll be able to get bar work.

Work on a cruise ship
Similar to the first entry on our list, this is an obvious one. Jobs on cruise ships are currently available on a large scale, however they’re highly sort after. So if you’re looking to cast away, move fast to avoid disappointment.

If you’re one of the lucky ones who gets to travel the world as part of their job, enjoy! The rest of us aren’t jealous at all… promise 🙁