Top jobs in Engineering

Top jobs in Engineering

The label of “top job” can mean a lot of different things to different people. Some may value money over everything else, whilst others value work satisfaction or maybe even the opportunity to travel. But hey, let’s be honest who wouldn’t want the above mentioned all rolled into one? If you, like us and the vast majority of the population want the best possible job for yourself, take a read of the below.

Petroleum Engineering
This is a tricky one, the financial gains are huge (we’re talking much higher than the national average), but you do have to sacrifice your social life and maybe even personal relationships as you set sail and live in the middle of the ocean (we kid you not). If money motivates you, this is a serious contender.

Materials Engineering
Materials Engineers conduct research on the behaviour of building/construction materials under different types of conditions. As your experience in the field broadens you could even work on the overall design and structure of these materials. It’s a highly profitable industry, which can open up pathways of travelling aboard.

Aerospace Engineers
Be honest, as a child (or even an adult) who hasn’t stopped and wondered what it would be like to travel into space? If you’re serious about space, one of the jobs which might actually get you there, or at least get you close is as an aerospace engineer. Word of warning, recent cutbacks in the USA (a key employment location) mean the industry may not be as stable when compared to other options.

Civil Engineer
Being a civil engineer will not only bring financial gain, it also stands an excellent chance (and we mean excellent) of delivering high levels of job satisfaction. Civil engineering focuses on helping people and shaping the world we live in. There isn’t much that could be better than knowing your days’ work brings safe drinking water to 1000s of people, or electricity to a local hospital.

Industrial Designers
Here’s a curveball for you, one which you might consider a surprise entry to our list, but hear us out. An industrial designer will develop concepts and designs for manufactured products… but what does that actually mean? Think a seatbelt buckle on a sports car, or a touch sensitive pressure pad for one of Apple’s latest products and you’re on the right lines. Your design could literally change the world.

Are you interested in working in the engineering industry? If so, your first step could be studying an engineering based qualification. As a starting point why not check out the Combined Engineering Degree at CU Coventry, CU Scarborough or CU London.