Top 5 things only true Scarborians do

Top 5 things only true Scarborians do

If you’ve done all 5 of these, congratulations you are an honorary Scarborough local. Welcome to the Scarborians way of life.

1. Go to Harbour Bar for a lemon-top and a fudge-flake

Quick stop in the time machine, or a little walk down South bay (same thing, right?) and you’ll find the 50’s ice cream parlour which serves the best soft-top ice cream for miles, and if you’re a local you’ll go nowhere else! Raspberry-top for me please! Plus, if you want the edgy-iest of insta pics, dine inside for a quirky sundae (#foodgoals am I right?) and then take a lil trip to the bathroom for some serious mirror-on-mirror picture-inception.

dog ice cream

2. Go skipping on pancake day

Seriously, no one else does this. If you tell anyone from any other part of the UK that you used to get half the day off school, purely to go skipping on the beach, they’ll tell you you’re mad. We’ve even got our own official ‘Pancake bell’. City of Culture eat your heart out.


3. Watch Santa arrive on a fishing boat

Most places only get a glimpse of Santa on Christmas Eve down the chimney, here in Scarborough he arrives early via his very own fishing boat onto our South Bay- aren’t we lucky?


4. Argue with someone over the correct pronunciation of ‘Boyes’

If you’re a local you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. The constant argument with friends, family members, random people on the street over whether Boyes is pronounced ‘boy’s’ or ‘boyeses’. If you’re a true Scarborian, or have adopted Scarborough honourary citizenship, you’ll know there’s only one: boyeses.


5. Spend an afternoon dragon-riding in Peasholm Park

Who knew that you could become the next ‘Mother of Dragons’ by popping into Peasholm Park?  Well, if you’re a local you’ll have been taming dragons since you started crawling. Its dragon pedalo boats are a classic way to spend a summer’s afternoon- you’re never too old to race your pals!