Top travel tips for students

Top travel tips for students

Our number one tip for students who want to travel is – get out there!  

If you think you haven’t got the money, then make it a working holiday. If you haven’t got the skills then choose to study in your break from uni. And if you are worried about travelling alone – join a group travel option.

Whatever you’re doing now, read this article and find out how you can travel as a student.

1) Volunteer

If you’re looking to travel with a purpose, or look into creating greater awareness to the underprivileged through travelling, try volunteer programs. Having such experiences might even enhance your employability when you graduate. Within Europe this can be done through European Voluntary Service or closer to home try The National Trust’s Working Holidays.

2) Work

Contracts for seasonal work in amusement parks, resorts and offshore cruises can be found for the whole summer break and jobs in restaurants, bars, hostels and hotels are also available for shorter periods. For advice on working in the EU read the government’s advice and the Work Away website is one of the best resources for finding a job abroad.

3) Stay on a Farm

Working on farms and WWOOFing (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) are also popular among working holiday travellers. They provide work and a place to stay, and are ethically balanced.

4) Stay with Relatives

It might just be as simple as asking your mum if any of her family live abroad.  Paying only for your flight, you could discover your long lost relatives and get closer to your roots. A great low-cost travel experience.

5) Study Abroad

If you are considering an internship, then why not consider one abroad?  Again, killing two birds with one stone, you’re getting to see the world while supporting your career prospects.  Our Careers Zone team will be able to help.

6) Teach

If you can teach English then the world is your Oyster. Check out Green Heart Travel for some fabulous offers.  

7) Join a Group

Travelling in an organised group can feel safer for the first time traveller or someone travelling alone.  Tours organised by STA travel are a great starting point as they specialise in student and under 30s travel.