What makes a good manager?

What makes a good manager?

There are a plethora of opinions, buzz words and reports out there on what to do and not to do as a manager and how to improve the employee/manager relationship. Ultimately, a positive relationship between employees and their manager can result in success for everyone, so what is the secret to a great working environment?

There are organisations which we all dream of working at like Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft. We all bask in the stories that come along with them too; Google with their sleep pods and slides, Facebook for its beanbag chairs and relaxed atmosphere, the list goes on and on. But is it the forward thinking managers that make all of this possible? Would Facebook be as successful without Mark Zuckerberg? Would Apple be as iconic without Steve Jobs? Perhaps not.

So, what makes a good manager? Taking charge of a team is certainly a daunting prospect and with no firm rulebook on how to manage the expectations of your team, of yourself and of the business, it can be a minefield. But we’re here to help with our top 5 ways to succeed as a manager.

Be approachable
Be visible to your staff and make an effort to be friendly and understanding. Taking a personal interest in staff can also prove beneficial in forming positive relationships.

Be firm, but fair
Set clear and attainable goals and expect results from your team within the deadlines you’ve set for them. If things don’t go exactly to plan focus on solutions rather than problems; exercise patience but take steps to ensure the work is done. Remember to delegate and monitor the workloads of your staff.

Conflict is inevitable, handle it diplomatically
Issues are going to arise at one stage or another and it is imperative to manage conflict quickly and fairly. It is important to consider all parties involved and focus on a resolution that benefits the business and improves relations in your team.

Build on your staff’s potential
Investment in staff skills through additional training, workshops and away days ensures staff feel valued. This will generate an atmosphere of loyalty and motivation, resulting in improved work performance.

Communicate well
Touching base with staff regularly will help to fuel an effective working environment. Keeping staff up to date with projects, information and issues that matter to them in a timely manner will help to generate trust.

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