Your Online Open Day with CU Scarborough

Your Online Open Day with CU Scarborough

CU Scarborough is located on the stunning Yorkshire coast in the north of England. An amazing location, but not everyone can make it here for one of our regular Open Events.  So whether you live in the south of the country, outside the UK or have too many commitments to visit us in person, this online open day is a great way to learn more about studying at CU Scarborough.

The format covers the key areas you would expect at an open day in a series of short videos.  It’s designed to answer the questions we get asked most frequently in an entertaining way. We’ve arranged the videos in a logical sequence, but feel free to watch them in any order – and as many times as you like. The full running order is a little under 11 minutes.

So grab a drink, make sure you’re sitting comfortably and then we’ll begin…
Why Choose CU Scarborough
Campus Tour
Student Life
Accommodation Tour
Student Finance Made Simple

Why Choose CU Scarborough

CU Scarborough Campus Tour

Student Life at CU Scarborough

CU Scarborough Accommodation Tour

Student Finance Made Simple

Want to visit us in person?

If the online open day has whet your appetite, why not come to visit us in person at our next open event?  Visit our events page to book your place now.

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