Free Cyber Security Event at Coventry University

Cyber SecurityCyber terrorism, cyber attack, security breach; all phrases that have different meanings to different people.

For many business owners and managers, particularly those who hold a significant amount of commercial, personal and state sensitive information and those who play a critical role in any supply chain, getting to grips with the amount of information coming from the press, government, regulatory bodies and vendor sponsored publications can be an immense challenge.

This unfortunately leads many to either burying their heads in the sand or without question declaring they are secure. The truth in effect is that one third of SME’s have no idea if they have been the victim of cyber crime or a malicious hacker in the last 12 months, while management in over half of SME’s don’t see cyber attacks as significant risks.

IGP Technology—a recognised provider of IT Security Solutions to businesses operating in the Defence, Legal and Finance sectors—have teamed up with Coventry University to highlight the issues faced by SME’s and how ultimately SME’s can have the solutions to the problems. The event is being supported by a spectrum of organisations giving credence to the fact that this is an issue for everyone.

Event Details: Thursday 13th March 2014

Location: The Techno Centre, Coventry University
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Event Co-ordinator: Jason Paton @



Coventry University