Designing a safer railway for the UK

A Safer Railway for the UKExperts from academia, government and industry came together in January 2014 to discuss the future of UK railway safety. The event was hosted by Coventry University’s KEEP SAFE project, which is taking a closer look at how the UK Rail sector uses data for design and operational safety.

The selective event brought together senior and technical safety engineers from Network Rail, Transport for London, London Underground, Yeltech Ltd., Office of Rail Regulation, Rail Safety and Standards Board, TRE Rail, and TIBCO.

Enabling in-house software development for Enigma data Recovery

Enigma“With an ever-increasing reliance on smartphones and mobile devices to store personal and commercial information, the need for an efficient and reliable data recovery solution is of high importance”.

Enigma Recovery is a small company that specialises in developing effective data recovery software for use with a range of devices, including iOS & Android devices and SD Cards, a subject which is gaining an increasing level of attention by areas such as business security and fraud.