I’ve done my third run. This included a sprint up a very short hill.  Beth tells me running up an incline is a good way of getting fit.  I’ve been noticing my body and its aches after running.  I seem to be OK for a few hours, then after about 6 hours I start stiffening up.  I suppose in time this will go, or at least lessen. Today I ran at 9am for half an hour, and then at 12pm I had Pilates, so I hope this will help to reduce the muscle soreness.

I’m enjoying Pilates.  I have tried yoga in the past too, but I like this more.  It is a good way of toning and stretching, and I hope it will in time improve my pelvic floor muscles.  Focussing on breathing as we are encouraged to do is a good way to stay in the moment – the here and now.  Your mind can’t really wander in these sessions as you’d forget which arm or leg you should be moving.  Trying to coordinate inhaling or exhaling with my body movement takes all my concentration.  Stilling my mind as well as exercising  my body, seems like a very useful way of spending 45 minutes every week.

In one way I dont mind aches and pains after exercise too much; it reminds me that I’m alive, that I’ve been active, and that I am trying new things.  I am beginning to see myself as someone who takes exercise rather than someone who avoids it; I like that kind of feeling.