After effects

I spoke too soon!  I enjoyed the actual run, but the after effects?  The day after my first run I felt my age!  Climbing three flights of stairs to the Spirituality and Faith Centre felt like climbing a mountain.  I had pains in my knees, my groin, my lower back and my shoulders.  Surely all this can’t come from 30 minutes of running?  How on earth will I feel after several hours?

Cormac tells me it is called DOMS.  Google tells me – ‘Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is something that most exercisers have experienced. DOMS is usually associated with new activity, especially vigorous activity.’  Well it is encouraging to know that my activity can be called vigorous.  I’m not sure if you had seen me run you would have descibed it quite like that!  Fortunately the pain hasn’t lasted too long, and by the day after the day after, I felt pretty much back to normal, all ready to try it again!

I guess I am learning a whole new language, the language of sports science but also the language of my body.  It is something I’ve never paid much attention to before, but I can see how important it is to understand; if I don’t the danger of doing harm and damage to my body is increased.  The next question is: do you get the same amount of pain after every run?