Involving others in ventures like this has got to be a good thing.  The more people I tell the more I feel obliged to stick at it.  I am sure getting my family engaged in this will help greatly.  My husband runs.  He’s always run, as long as I have known him, except when he is injured and then he is frustrated.  I suppose deep down I’ve envied him a bit, but until now I’ve never either acknowledged this, or done anything about it.

I can’t imagine that I’ll ever run like he does; exploring new places, setting himself targets like running around the coastal path on the Isle of Wight (in stages), but I can already see the benefits of doing more exercise.

Last night I invited my eldest to come for a walk with me.  To my surprise, and delight she said yes!  We walked around Charterhouse field which is very near us, and did several laps of the running track – walking!  It was a great way of having a conversation.  If you are walking you are both facing forward, and sometimes that can seem less threatening than sitting face to face.  We both said things we might not have had the opportunity to do otherwise; a good bit of bonding, as well as getting us fitter.  It’s not always easy to know how to reach teenagers who seem to spend a great deal of their time in their heads or in their rooms, so this was a good start.

I also showed her this blog, and I think she was a little bit impressed and surprised at her old dinosaur of a mother getting involved and active on social media!