First Run

Cormac has brought the start day forward.  My first run is today.  I didn’t sleep well.  Was I worrying about today?  I tried to do the deep breathing exercises that we have been learning in Pilates, eventually they must have worked because I woke up with the alarm, after a few false starts at 3am, 5am.  Next dilemma, what to wear?  I dont possess any lycra, and shorts are too exposing; eventually I found a pair of black cotton trousers – which I can wear into work and not be too noticeable but which will see me through a quick, or rather slow jog!  Then what shall I eat?  I always have breakfast and today seems particularly important to do so; healthy bowl of muesli with greek yogurt and a banana chopped in; two glasses of water and a cup of tea.

Cormac isn’t coming with me.  He’s sending his girlfriend! Fond as I am of Cormac, perhaps for a first run it will be nice to go with another woman.  She’s fit and active and I’m old enough to be her Mum, but perhaps I’ll feel less self-conscious with another woman.  Why am I so worried about people seeing me?  Whose problem is it anyway if they do?  As my husband pointed out people of all shapes and sizes run, so why shouldnt I?

Where shall we go to run?  I’ve decided the cemetry – seems particularly appropriate! Memento mori!

Now I’m off to the Cathedral to pray.  I need all the help I can get!