Internationalisation of the Curriculum: relevant to all or just a travelling few?

Thursday 26th June, 14:50 to 15:30
Friday 27th June, 10:10 to 10:50


A key measure of Coventry’s mission to become a global University is that by 2015 all UK students are to have an international experience of some kind in their programme of study. As a key element of the teaching and learning strategy, courses report on a range of dimensions of internationalising the curriculum including making use of diversity, student and staff mobility and language and cultural engagement by students.  The preparation of students for global careers and the generation of knowledge relevant to global issues is a core element of the CU mission to attract both home and overseas students.

Despite internationalisation of the curriculum becoming a mainstream activity, many staff and students still see internationalisation of the curriculum as not relevant for them or their discipline. It is viewed as relevant only to those who travel abroad or to the incoming international students.

This debate will explore key questions relating to the internationalisation of the curriculum:

  • Is internationalisation really relevant for all courses and students and if so:
    • How can we make sure that all students and staff and not just those that are already internationally-oriented, develop the intercultural and international skills and knowledge they need in a globalised society?
    • What does it mean for staff development?
    • How should course outcomes change?
    • What are the implications for student assessment?

On the panel are David Pilsbury (PVC International), Don Finlay, Barbara Howell and David Ashall (Associate Deans International) and Peter Harrison, HR Lead for Internationalisation.

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