Mental Health

University mental health and wellbeing day

Mental health plays an important role in both our professional and personal lives. Having a positive outlook in an interview will make you stand out. Feeling happy and confident in your personal life will also improve your health indefinitely. However, in this hectic modern world, having a calm, positive mindset is not always easy. Come to the University Mental Health and Wellbeing Day this Wednesday to get advice on how to become a stronger individual.

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University Mental Health and Wellbeing Day is an annual event initiated by UMHAN, the University Mental Health Advisors Network. This national UK charity  provides a team of mental health advisers who support those with mental health difficulties in higher and further Education. The event happens in universities across the country, and it will come to The Hub on Wednesday 18th February 2015. This year, the theme will be about choosing to disclose your mental health difficulties, whether this be to your university, your doctor or to your support networks. This theme is supported by the Twitter campaign, #IChoseToDisclose . 

On Wednesday there will be a variety of professional organisations on hand to offer support and advice, and promote positive wellbeing. You will have the chance to take part in a self-confidence workshop, and learn how to build your inner strength. Alongside this, you can experience head massage techniques from India – the land of spirituality.  Discover its instant effect on your mental health, you may be surprised. Don’t forget you can always talk about your own mental health experiences confidentially with our student counselling and mental health service, or by contacting UMHAN and Student Minds .

See the poster below for more information. If you do come along, remember to tweet about the event using the hashtag: #unimentalhealthday !