Chinese new year

Celebrating Chinese New Year in Coventry

Last week Chinese New Year was celebrated across the world. Our Chinese international blogger, Olivia, writes about her experience of celebrating this important festival here, away from her home and family.

Chinese New Year, or Chinese spring festival, is the most important holiday in China. We stay with our families to celebrate the coming of the New Year. However, if we are living in a foreign land, we may only have a chance to make a phone call to our parents to say “Happy New Year”.

Chinese New Year

In Coventry, Chinese students have their own way of celebrating the Spring Festival. Some students have lectures on the day, but everyone will ask for leave together. Fortunately, the teachers seem to understand. After all, the New Year Festival is a day that has a lot of significance for us!

Coventry University always host a party to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Many Chinese students join in to host or entertain at the events. There is guitar playing, dancing and singing, even a Sichuan Opera Face performance. This is not only an opportunity to celebrate with fellow friends, but also a platform to introduce Chinese culture to foreign students. Students from various countries sit together to enjoy Chinese dancing, Chinese music and learn about traditional Chinese art.

Chinese New Year
Olivia (centre) sharing a joke with our international bloggers

Festival Food

We have two ways to celebrate with food: make Chinese dumplings or have ‘Hot Pot’. Many students, even those who have never been into the kitchen at home, will make some dumplings on this day.

Chinese New Year
Traditional Chinese Dumplings

When we finish our studies and return to the motherland, we will think of making dumplings together and recall our university-organised party.
This will be remembered as a really great life experience.

This post was written by International blogger Olivia, from China. Olivia is a second year student studying Childhood and Youth Studies

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