UCAS 2016 – The Early Bird Catches The Worm!

With the new academic year about to kick in, you may be one of those organised types that already know the wonderful Coventry University is the one for you! So firstly, well done to you – an excellent choice if we do say so ourselves!

Secondly, if you now want to get your application completed ASAP, here are a few bits of information and top tips to get those choices in place, and keep one step ahead of the game!

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UCAS Forms.

During my final year of Sixth Form, the classic/constant phrases from teachers and tutors were “How are you getting on with your UCAS form?”, and, “The deadline will come around soon you know!”. Whilst this did begin to grate after the 25th time hearing it – those deadline dates did actually come round very quickly! The UCAS form (or Universities and Colleges Admissions Service form, if you want to show off!) is the key application process you will go through to apply for University. Although it can seem to be a bit of a burden, it really is quite clear and simple to follow, with the UCAS website giving you help on each step of the way.

Your personal statement is probably the most common area of concern for a lot of applicants, but fear not as it is a great opportunity to sell yourself and speak of all the achievements you have gained so far. However, if you do get a bit stumped, then why not take a look at our handy post on tips for writing the perfect personal statement.

There will also be a fair few deadlines in place by UCAS which you will need to adhere to. A comprehensive list of these can also be found on the UCAS website, just simply search for ‘deadlines’ and take note of those that will apply to you.

*please note* It is always worth checking the course details for each of your choices with that University, as there may be certain specific dates or bits of information you need to know beforehand.

Open Days

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Even if you have visited Coventry University before and know it will be one of your choices, our open days are a fantastic way of finding out loads of useful information, and will allow you to start getting to know your surroundings. The staff and student ambassadors are all there to help you, so feel free to ask away with any questions! Course information, tours of campus, and accommodation visits are just some of the key elements of an open day – here are the dates for 2016 entry:

  • Saturday 12 September.
  • Saturday 17th October.
  • Saturday 7th November.

You can book your place on one of the above days here

Accommodation Applications

Student Accommodation

One other key decision in your University application process will be to decide on what kind of living arangements you want to have for that year. Although your accommodation application process won’t begin until you have received your initial offer from the University, now is the time to start doing your research for the type of accommodation that will suit you best.

CU has a wide variety of accommodation options, from apartments to University owned housing, so there should be something to suit your tastes. It is also beneficial to use our open day/s (as mentioned above) to ask any questions you may have, take a trip to your hopeful new home, and have a little wonder around the city. Our university website has many useful pages regarding accommodation, including a small guide on how to apply.

So, with just a bit of know how and a trip to campus, your University application wil be sorted in no time at all! Remember, don’t be worried to ask for help, double check things with the University if you become unsure – and shock those teachers when they nag you by saying “I’m one step ahead of you there, I’m done!”

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