Hangover cures: unCOVered!

As certain as is the sun rising every morning, a student who has enjoyed the liquor-infused-lifestyle of university will wake up on some of these mornings feeling the effects of the heavy night before.

Don’t worry, we know the are steps you can take, both before and after your alcohol consumption, to prevent you feeling like a tank has been dropped on your head and you’re about to vomit up everything you’ve ever eaten in your life….

Before and during the night:

Don’t mix your drinks!

If you’re switching from beer, to wine, to vodka, to tequila, you are more likely to upset your stomach and therefore increase the likelihood of being sick in the morning… or during the night. Try to stick to a certain type of drink and, of course, drink in moderation…

Do pace yourself

Following on from mixing, is moderation. It very often gets to a point when you don’t need anymore, but you feel it’s just customary to have a drink in your hand or buy when every else does. Not only will your pocket appreciate you not buying ten more rounds, but the-morning-after-you will too. Be sympathetic of the version of you in the not-too-distant future that will suffer the consequences of what you drink at night!

The morning after:

Do take a shower

water animated GIF

It’s a mental and physiological solution! Having a shower, especially a cold one, makes you more alert. It also gets your skin breathing, relaxes tense muscles and improves your circulation. Refresh the mind and refresh the body.

Don’t carry on drinking

The ‘hair of the dog’, or drinking in the morning, is the official hangover cure myth. Usually it comes from someone who generally tends to recommend things you know not to trust anyway. Check as many websites as you want; this is not the solution! We’re going to get scientific on you now; your body tissue needs to recover and all you do by consuming more is prolonging the unavoidable, you’ll actually make the hangover worse for yourself later!

Do try lemon and ginger (and optional honey) tea

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Sipping slow on some lemon and ginger, with or without honey, is a great hangover relieving remedy. The lemon replenishes the vitamins you need, the honey (if included) helps to balance your blood sugar levels and the ginger mostly importantly, is a renowned nausea combatant. The combination boosts your immune system and improves your appetite, which is also great for later on in the day.

Do drink lots of water


It really is miracle juice. It’s all about rehydration! Coconut water and/or non-fizzy sports drinks can also be consumed as overcoming the dehydration caused by alcohol consumption is the key to stopping feeling as bad as you do. Getting hydrated again also counteracts the imbalance of electrolytes – what’s causing your head to ache so badly. So yeah, water = the official miracle juice!

See? There are things you can do when you feel like ‘it’s the end!’ But ultimately, what you do whilst drinking is the most influential factor in how quickly you’ll recover and stop thinking ‘FML’. Remember, always drink responsibly!