Why I chose Coventry University!

We are all too aware of the potential difficulties in narrowing down your University options, and of course, everyones experiences are different in some way. So, we asked blogger Joe to share what helped him make his decision and why he chose Coventry University.


The key priority for me, as I’m sure it is for many of you, was making sure the course was the right one for me. I am currently studying Media and Communications, but there were many things I considered before knowing that this would be the ideal course for me.

First and foremost, you have to be sure you have an interest in the subject area and course content! While that may sound obvious, it could be easy to get swayed by the little extras that go with some of the courses, or the fact that you know a couple of people taking it already. I have always had a keen interested in media, and also studied it as an A-level, so I knew some topics within this field. I really wanted to turn that interest and basic knowledge into more in-depth study, and hopefully gain a rewarding career in this field.

The variety of modules I would undertake was another important element of my decision. Media itself is a vast subject area, but media and communications in particular hones in on relevant and current topics, which has basically helped me understand in more detail how the world works! I loved how the course would allow for theory-based essays alongside more practical assignments. At the end of the day, your chosen course will be a part of your life for 3 or 4 years, so you might want to be sure that what you study has this variety – it keeps things fresh and interesting.


Obviously, the University itself is a major factor – but there are lots of little things about a particular Uni that will add up to making the big decision. A key selling point for me was CU’s status as a modern institute, and how it is always looking to better itself. My course evolves around a modern subject and current topics, and highlights the fast pace of the world – things are always changing. I liked how this is reflected in the University itself, be it from its new and modern buildings like the Hub, or the creative facilities available like the DMLL.

Hub:DMLL Collage

The location of the University was another thing that helped me greatly. Again, this will depend on your personal circumstances and plans for what type of experience you want. For me, it was important that I could commute to campus, as I already had my own place back in my hometown. Also, by being a ‘mature student’, I wasn’t looking to move into halls, so my priorities were different than those of you who may want the student accommodation experience.

Another great thing about CU’s location was the fact it is so integrated within the city. A number of faculty buildings are located on streets next to shops, offices, and pubs, so it really feels you are involved in the city whenever on campus. I liked the fact that although I would be commuting, I’d still feel involved with the city because of where campus is situated.

I also wanted to be sure that my University of choice had a decent reputation, and good results in graduates actually getting a job after it’s all over! With Coventry, I was impressed with their rapid rise in official University league tables, and also their student satisfaction results – it’s good to know that other students are happy to say they have had a great experience. The stats don’t lie!

The best piece of advice I can give is to take your time when selecting your options. I know there are the pressures of meeting application deadlines, but taking the time to research each institution and course will make things so much clearer. It’s important to trust your gut instinct too – when you know it’s the right one, you know!