Music to get you through the week #27

Oi… Go On, Listen!


SBTRKT – I Feel Your Pain feat. D.R.A.M & Mabel

Sneaky synths and scintillating passionate vocals, I feel Your Pain, a phrase regularly used with regular disingenuousness, is sincere in its delivery. You get the impression they really do feel your pain. Master craftsman/native society ceremonial mask wearer Sbtrkt’s branch of electro soul, full of emotion, never left.


Basement – Hanging Around

The 90s style revival in alternative music has produced some of the best tracks of the last few years, and this trend is no different for Ipswich’s, Basement. Hanging Around is not quite punk, not quite emo, grunge or hardcore, but it is a great slice of their January album, Promise Everything, which is surely going to remain a favourite for the rest of the year.


Young Thug – Digits

In a typical Young Thug verse, real name Jeffrey Williams shouts, whines and contorts his voice unpredictably. The eccentric ‘rap weirdo’ ‘sings’, whines loudly and incoherently, emotively and explicitly ‘raps’ (his slurring style means you may not catch them). The consistently critically acclaimed ‘Thugger’ is the digital age recording artist, where abbreviation and emoticons rule. His latest release – Slime Seasons 3 showcases his distinct style.


The Sun Days – I Keep On Wondering

The clocks have changed, the days are getting longer and our ears are looking for some bright and breezy songs. Enter The Sun Days… This Swedish indie-pop band will warm your heart with this dreamy, surf-style track. I Keep On Wondering is from their new record, aptly named Album, and is bound to be a staple of everyone’s summer playlist.


A Tribe Called Quest – Check the Rhime

With this special #FlashBackFriday track, we pay tribute to ATCQ’s Phife Dawg, who we sadly lost on March 22nd. A Tribe Called Quest were one of the most influential rap groups of the 1990s, blending classic hip-hop with funk and jazz to produce beautifully laid back tunes. Here’s one of our favourites, Check the Rhime, which really sums up what they were all about. Here’s to you, Phife…


Domo Genesis – Dapper feat. Anderson .Paak

Tyler the Creator takes a cameo role as fellow OFWGK†Δ collective associate Domo takes centre stage on a pair of skates. Dapper is lush with sultry and seemingly sanctimonious samples setting Domonique to display his improved emceeing ability from back when Earl, Tyler and Hodgy hogged the mic. With a little help from catapult-to-stardom artist Anderson .Paak, it’d be pretty hard dislike the funk and swagger of Dapper.


Jack Garratt – Worry (Artful Remix)

Jack – of all trades. Garratt is a talented vocalist, songwriter, drum-machinist, trombonist, mandolinist, etc. Justifiably hyped, his quavering voice coupled with dubstepper beats meet the mark and does so all over his album Phase. Worry is an eloquently performed song and master remixer Mark Hill captures what makes the original special but with a dashing of his own Artful flavour.

Brought to you by Ben and Ryan.