Guest Blog: Paid Student Opportunities at Coventry University

Looking for paid work while you’re still a student? Finding a job has never been easier! Coventry University offers paid student opportunities on campus, to reduce the risk of you getting stressed out while looking for jobs elsewhere.

Student guest blogger for UnCOVered, Maddie, is here to tell you everything you need to know.

student-blogger-maddieWhether you’re into public speaking, social media, customer service, market research, or anything else, Coventry University has something for you, when it comes to paid opportunities. And what is key to being successful in your application you ask? Well, enthusiasm and a pro-active attitude are definitely crucial, as well as knowing a few top tips.


Why get a job within the university?
  • It looks great on your CV (Yippie!)
  • It’s a lovely environment to work in! (I promise)
  • It is extremely flexible, allowing you to work without affecting your study
  • It’s varied, so you don’t get bored doing the same things all the time
  • There’s a chance to gain valuable transferable skills and overcome your fears (I swear it, it happened to me!)
How do you find out about the job openings?

Check out:

  • Vacancies section on the Student Portal
  • Speak to the Futureworks, our onsite recruitment agency for students
  • Coventry University Facebook and Twitter official pages
  • Word of mouth… don’t be afraid to ask around
But how do I know all of this?


I’ve been working at the University since my first year, and since then I have worked in multiple departments. Most recently I worked as a Student Social Media Assistant as part of the Uni’s marketing team.

So what kind of work do you do exactly?

Drawing from my very own experience, you might work as:

1. A Student Ambassador (within your faculty, the Recruitment and Admissions Office, the Student Services, etc.) where you might:

  • Take prospective students on a campus tour
  • Work on Open Days
  • Man the Clearing phone lines
  • Visit schools/colleges and share your university experience
  • Attend UCAS fairs

2. A Data Collation Assistant

  • Conduct surveys across the University
  • Conduct office work: data input, Microsoft Office work, emailing
  • Engage with academics and students

3. Student Social Media Assistant

  • Post on the University’s social media accounts
  • Assist with enquiries
  • Write posts on the UnCOVered blog… like this one
Finally, how has working with Coventry University helped me (and could it help you too)?

I have gained valuable communication and customer service skills, I am more confident in working as part of a team and also individually, met lots of new lovely people, and above all, I have managed to overcome one of my biggest fears, public speaking.

Do you like the sound of that? Then join me, and all the other working students at Coventry University, I promise, you won’t regret it!