5 Signs That You’re Starting University

Even though everyone’s life is different, we reckon we could spot some of 2016’s first time uni-goers a mile off. And not just because Coventry Uni’s students are so particularly radiant. See how many of the 5 tell-tale signs we’ve ‘UnCOVered’ look like your life right now…

1. You’re off to Ikea


If you’re the sort of person who loves Ikea (and enclosed spaces) this is heaven. If not, you’re in “where-the-hell-is-the-exit” well, hell. Like it or loathe it, 50p for an ice cream is a bargain, and you need to start thinking thrifty now you’re starting university.

2. You’ve got a new crush


You can’t stop thinking about it, you smile at the thought of it, and it makes your stomach flip. Yep, you’ve got the starting uni love bug. It makes you glad all over, but then there are these crushing lows where you start to get plagued by doubts:

“Will uni be good to me? Will I like it when I get there? What if nobody speaks to me?”

All we can tell you is that everyone feels like this, so you’re not alone. Embrace the crush, only a few things in life make you feel this many emotions at once!

3. Your parents keep mentioning a gym…


You don’t have a gym. They gave up their gym membership cos it was too expensive. But there’s definitely talk of gyms about. Or is it someone called Jim? No your mum wouldn’t be buying so many pairs of leggings for a man named Jim.

It probably won’t happen, and if it does, you can demand the BEST darn sofa bed around. But maybe it’d be a good idea to leave a few clothes, keepsakes etc. around your room before you start university. Just in case they start getting ideas…

4. People keep giving you cookery lessons


These are gold dust, do not turn away from these lessons in favour of the take-away diet (dark side). Take-aways lead to expenditure. Expenditure leads to an empty bank account. And emptiness… leads to suffering… Something like that.

5. You’re getting excited about stationery. Too excited…


It’s like the sweet shop for grown ups. The stationery shop or section has never looked so inviting as it does right now. But wooooah, rein it in. You don’t need ALL the gel pens right now. See what you need in your first week and learn from there. (Who are we kidding, buy allllll the gel pens!!)

So we reckon we’ve got you sussed, were we right with any of them? Let us know if we are truly psychic in the comments below, or on social media! And we can’t wait to have you here!