Guest Blog: Linguae Mundi Language Tutors

You might remember our guest blog by Cedric from Linguae Mundi at the start of term, letting you know that at Coventry University, you can become a language tutor just by speaking your native language. Well here’s Daniel to tell us about starting the course:

  • In what country is the wrapping more important than the present?
  • Where would you find guinea pig on a restaurant menu?

These were some of the questions that the Linguae Mundi tutor trainees were faced with as they got to know each other during their induction on October 28th.


More than 110 applications were received at the Centre for Global Engagement in September and October to join the Linguae Mundi Training Programme, where native speakers of any language can train to become tutors. Cantonese, Bulgarian and Finnish were some of the 10-minute taster sessions that the candidates showcased as they went through the interview process to join the programme.

Around half of the applicants were accepted as trainees and have now started a 10-week course which will allow them to become language tutors for their respective languages from February. The training covers theoretical and practical aspects, finishing with six teaching sessions where they will be able to try their skills in front of their peers.

Training native speakers provides Linguae Mundi courses with cultural insights and an authentic learning experience. All of the language classes are available to Coventry University students, staff, alumni, as well as members of the public.


Enrolment for the Spring term will start in November and, subject to demand, will include 19 or more languages to choose from. Find out more on our courses here.

*In case you were wondering: in Japan you should put in considerable effort when wrapping a gift and in Ecuador or Peru, roasted and fried guinea pig (cuy) is considered a delicacy!