Big New Year’s Nights In

Sometimes it’s all too much pressure to go out, make sure you’re looking perfect, and possibly endure high levels of discomfort and anxiety for what is always just another ‘big night out’.

Well, we at UnCOVered think you should only do what makes sense to you, and if going out isn’t on the cards this New Year’s Eve, why not have one of our big nights in instead?

Take a look at our ideas below for some different ways to bring in 2017 with ease…

Games night


A classic for anyone who fancies a (not so) quiet night in. Grab some pals, nibbles, drinks and a selection of great games to enjoy together. Video games are always fun, although we can’t be held responsible for what happens during FIFA penalties.

Don’t forget though, you always have the option of going old-school. Board games like Trivial Pursuit, Twister and Pictionary are all party classics, and you also have the option of trying out great card games like Poker and Rummy.

Cheese night


Everybody loves cheese, whether it’s high-level stinky blue or an orange plastic square that ends up on a burger, you just can’t resist.

This is why cheese (and wine) nights are so popular. Put on some smooth music, pick a dress code that you’re comfortable with and stock up on cheeses, crackers, pâté and chutney. If your jeans don’t fit on New Year’s Day you’ve done it right.

Cinema night


It’s one thing to put on your pj’s and watch Love Actually for the fifteenth time, but why not go a step further? With a little ingenuity you could turn your student digs into a fantastic cinema experience.

Grab some popcorn, roll out the red carpet (or put down red napkins), stick a tux or fancy dress on and get ready for a premiere night to remember. Points scored if you manage to make it through the entire Lord of the Rings extended trilogy in one sitting.

Dinner party night


Everyone brings something, you all eat too much, drink too much and have leftover sandwiches for the next four days… What’s not to love?

Mini golf night


A little creativity goes a long way and what a perfect opportunity to put all that packaging from Christmas to use! Simply grab a set of kiddie golf clubs from the pound shop and start getting creative with your home made course.

Newspaper bundles, green felt, cereal boxes and mugs are all going to come in useful here. So why not have the family round for a few rounds and drinks on hole 4?

Whatever you decide to do to bring in the new year, make sure it’s something you’re comfortable with and really want to do. It’s the perfect time to start living the life that’s right for you.