You’ve still got time to get into uni

So we know we say the UCAS application deadline is the 15th of January and it is, if you want to guarantee you’re going to be considered for a place at the uni of your choice. But it turns out, a whole load of students are leaving it ’til the last minute and making a late UCAS application on the 30th June, and they’re feelin’ pretty good about it!

sassyLast year 30,000 students got into university even though they applied ‘late’. So does this mean we should all start ignoring that Jan 15th deadline? Here are the facts:


What does it all mean?

It boils down to the fact students are applying later and later and being accepted to universities. Missing the January 15th deadline doesn’t mean you should give up on your university dreams for this year.


Yes, we encourage you to get your applications in quickly, because that will guarantee yours gets looked at – what’s the point in doing all that work for no one to see it? And if you’re choosing a popular, competitive course, you really want to put your best foot forward and make sure you get your spot before someone else does.


However, if you’re now thinking you’d like to apply, or perhaps you’re in work and have decided you need a degree to take you up to the next level, well, you have until the 30th of June to get that application in! As you can see in the infographic above, we’re expecting 13% of our students to join up between now and the end of June.

Is uni right for me?

dont-know-gif“Yes. Definitely. Of course it is!” No, the fact is we can’t tell you the answer to that!

It’s important to remember and realise how many options are available to you, especially if you’re just leaving school/college/sixth form. Remember you can take a year out and get some travelling or work experience done. You could start with a foundation degree, or, if you are passionate about a subject that you think will keep you interested and inspired for 3 years, as well as help you in your future career, then university could be for you. It’s a good idea to get to a few open days, or drop-in days, so you can get the feel of your university before you sign up.

Here at Coventry, we’re particularly good at getting you the placement or internship experience you need to succeed in the working world. Our nursing placements have been voted 2nd best in the entire UK. We’re also the top university (HESA) for sending our students abroad to enjoy life-changing, CV-enhancing experiences.

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